Well I lost my job.

Well I lost my job.

On this week’s episode of the Floating Dandelion Puff Diaries..

I lost my job.

To be fair, it was a part time job. And I was barely bringing in 4 figures from it per month. And it wasn’t personal. All in all, it wasn’t a huge deal.

But I liked it. It gave me purpose, it fit my passions, and I thought it was a “God thing”.

But… what the hell even is a God thing? I mean, let’s talk about that. If I believe that God is in and around and through everything in my life… isn’t everything a God thing? The hiring, the firing, the in-between time? I spend most of my life in the in-between time. So, I tend to believe that He is very much in that time. At least, I have encountered Him in that time.

But surely God can’t be in the firing-right-after-we-find-out-our-bills-are-about-to-go-up… can He?

Can He be equal parts there in the this sucks so bad as He is in the this if effin’ awesome?

And if He is, then what the heck, man? You would think you would give us some warning. If you know everything, and you’re in everything, don’t you think you would give us a clue when a wave is about to crash instead of letting us get thrown around and spit back out on the beach?

Am I being dramatic enough?

But really. That’s where I’m at right now. Wondering where God lands in all of this. And wondering if I should be waiting for the next God thing, or if I’m already in it.

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